Leading Player in the Ayurvedic industry

Affluence Biotech Pvt Ltd, is a leading player in the Ayurvedic industry launches two innovative products under the “MushLeaf” brand name designed to help people lose weight and boost in their weight gain.

The mission of Affluence Biotech, a member of the Affluence Group of enterprises, is to create innovative herbal products that combine ancient wisdom with cutting-edge science to promote health and vitality.

The MushLeaf Go Gain Weight Booster from Affluence Biotech is a game-changer in the supplement industry. It’s said to help people put on muscle, speed up their metabolism, and feel more energised and strong. It’s a simple option for those who want to bulk up in a healthy way.

The second new offering is “MushLeaf Apple Cider Fat Cutter,” a one-of-a-kind weight loss pill that promotes healthy weight loss and increases energy levels.

Our Directors Mr.Kailash Solanki and Shahbaz Uddin from Affluence Biotech shared that our goal at Affluence Biotech is to offer top-notch Ayurvedic solutions to help people improve their health. We are committed to meeting the diverse needs of the public, and to do this, we’ve introduced two natural and effective products for managing weight: MushLeaf Go Gain Weight Booster and MushLeaf Apple Cider Fat Cutter.

In today’s world, unhealthy habits have led to more people facing issues like obesity. Surprisingly, there are still many who struggle with being undernourished and too thin. Our main drive is to tackle these challenges and provide two solutions that work together to improve people’s health.

Affluence Biotech is the industry standard when it comes to supplying apple cider vinegar-based weight loss effervescent tablets. Its products use the wisdom of Ayurveda to help people lose weight the healthy way by controlling their appetite, glucose levels, and gastrointestinal distress.

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