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100% Ayurvedic Product

We are a leading provider of high-quality mushroom-based weight gain supplements. Our mission is to help individuals achieve their weight gain goals in a natural and healthy way. Our products are carefully crafted to provide a balanced blend of nutrients, including proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins, to fuel your body and promote muscle growth.

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  • Arbaaz Khan

    Film Actor/Producer/Director/Brother of Salman Khan

    Arbaaz Khan's review for Mushleaf's products is overwhelmingly positive!
    The weight booster is incredibly effective for gaining weight, and the fat cutter works wonders for shedding excess fat. Moreover, their products are 100% Ayurvedic, imbuing them with a natural essence that you too should absolutely
    consider trying. Embrace the journey to wellness with Mushleaf's trusted solutions!

  • Neil Nitin Mukesh

    Actor|Singer|Grandson of Versatile Singer Mukesh Chand Mathur

    Neil Nitin Mukesh's review for Mushleaf's products is equally glowing! The weight booster proved to be remarkably effective in facilitating weight gain, while the fat cutter exhibited astonishing results in eliminating surplus fat. Additionally, Mushleaf's products stand out for their 100% Ayurvedic composition, ensuring a holistic and natural approach to wellness. I highly recommend considering Mushleaf's trusted solutions to embark on your journey towards better health and vitality!

  • Bade Bhai And Chote Bhai

    Global International Youtuber Superstar

    Mushleaf products have truly impressed us all here in Dubai! The weight booster is a game-changer, delivering exceptional results in gaining weight effectively. And let's not forget the fat cutter - it's like magic in a bottle, helping us shed those extra pounds effortlessly. What's more, knowing that these products are 100% Ayurvedic gives us peace of mind, knowing we're embracing natural solutions
    for our well-being. Mushleaf has become our trusted companion in the journey to a healthier lifestyle!

  • Matty

    International Model | Influencer |Youtuber

    Listen, I've tried this Fat Cutter, and it's really amazing! I highly recommend that you guys also give it a try. It's very effective, and it will help you with weight loss. And thank you, Mushleaf, for providing this product.

  • Mehwish

    Influencer|Youth Model

    I've used Mushleaf's weight booster for three months, and I've gained 5 to 10 kilograms. I highly recommend it to you all; the results are excellent. The best part is that it's 100% Ayurvedic with no side effects. Thank you, Mushleaf!

  • Aman Trainer

    Fitness Trainer

    I'm a gym trainer named Aman Khan, and I've used Mushleaf's products. They are excellent products that have helped me greatly in gaining weight and strengthening my muscles. The results are quick to show, and I highly recommend them not only to my gym clients but to everyone. You should definitely give them a try .

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Leading player in the Ayurvedic industry

Affluence Biotech Pvt Ltd, is a leading player in the Ayurvedic industry launches two innovative products under the “MushLeaf” brand name designed to help people lose weight and boost in their weight gain.

The mission of Affluence Biotech, a member of the Affluence Group of enterprises, is to create innovative herbal products that combine ancient wisdom with cutting-edge science to promote health and vitality.